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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
Come on man, it's just a haircut. If our futures were determined by what kinda haircut we had when we were 7 years old, I'd be some friggin' rentboy chained to Boy George's radiator by now!
If he grows up, matures and dumps the haircut, then of course. Between the posting on YouTube, the haircut, and the fact that he seems to be toying with overmatched competition (perhaps a misreading by a non-wrestler) it sends up a red flag for me. I would love to be wrong. I would love for the kid to be an Olympic gold medalist and have a great family life. As for the rentboy imprisonment, I'm afraid "My Princess Boy" from the childrens library book is going to suffer that fate. Of course if I say that, I hate him and all effeminate children.
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