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Originally Posted by flo View Post
I agree. It's the "anything goes" attitude that is partially responsible for the decline of our culture.
I see it as a form of Moynihan's "Defining Deviancy Down". The parents filmed their kid and put it out on the computer for 1.3 million people to view. If they get some critical feedback, it is their own fault. The father is trying to prove what a "bada**" he is by turning his boy into a gladiator. What a big man! What a tough guy! Foxy, if this boy showed up at your doorstep to date your daughter, what would be your response? Please go to the website for Occupy Wall Street and take a look at the pictures and read the sob stories about the young people with piercings in their face and mohawks who can't get a job. What is their response? Clean up their act, educate themselves and send out resumes? No! They want more of other people's money! If this kid is allowed to keep this look, he will be unemployable (other than a professional wrestler, bar bouncer, or meth cook). If you want me to mind my own business, then when the government comes to my doorstep to confiscate part of my paycheck to pay for his unemployment, pay for his prison time, pay for his illegitimate child, pay for his STD, pay for drug rehab, etc., etc., etc. can I tell the IRS agent to mind his own business?
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