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Originally Posted by suntereo View Post
video is misleading, if you look closely the kid he is wrestling is several years older and MUCH bigger. He's not cocky or angry he's just trying to phsyce himself up to take on a monster. His parents are grounded and the kid has a great reputation for being a humble sportsman. The parents came public and said that posting this video 2 years ago was a mistake and have not posted anything since.
i can go along with that, but what i said is still true, he still has a hard road ahead of him, i hope he can work hard..... i have seen alot of football highlight vids like this, where the kid is a beast in peewee and middle school, then can't even manage a d2 school by the time college rolls around.... i have seen a few other wrestling vids as well... then you can take brock lesnar as an example as well, he wasn't a force until his junior year when he had bulked up and then transferred to minnesota
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