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When you are at work you should obey the policy at work. You are not being paid to evangelize. Work hard. Work to the best of your ability. Don't steal. Mind your own business. If you are paid to run a cash register, run it to the best of your ability. If you are on your lunch break and a co-worker asks you about your faith, you should be well-informed and explain it to the best of your ability. If you socialize with co-workers away from work, for example over a cup of coffee, you should not hesitate to share your opinions or beliefs. However, when you are on the clock, it should be all business.
If a company allows a greeting than cannot discriminate what greeting that is. Home Depot was sued last years and lost because they released an employee for saying Merry Christmas. Most states are like this. However one should be careful if they are in an AT WILL state because they will just event another excuse to fire you. I think the best witness one can do is work your hinny off and do your job better (circa Joesph in Egypt) This will preach a lot louder than any greeting.
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