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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Should we paid to evangelize? What comes first, policy, or God's will?

For the record I don't go around evangelizing at work, but I make a point to let people know who I am. The power of my witness is in Christ's reflection through me. There is no greater sermon than the one we live.
should we be paid to evangelize? absolutely not!!!!! i would challenge you vizion, with the utmost respect and sincerity, to quit your job and evangelize full time. Much like the rich young ruler that thought he was righteous, but refused to give away all his posessions to get into heaven.

my thoughts on the other topics are that merry christmas is such a materialized part of society anymore is has lot its meaning. it is now okay to say merry christmas. If you truly want to be light and salt, we should start saying happy birthday jesus, or start celebrating st nicholas' day on the 9th or 13th of dec. we should refuse to give presents to each other, let alone buying them from the world, with God's money. NBC on air said merry christmas numerous times when they lit the tree back in november. IMHO christmas has become a secularized holiday.

there are so many christians in america today it is the "in" thing to do, including christmas. But are they christians? i dunno, but if i had to guess by the way they spend their time and money, i wouldn't warrant that they are. And like you said about how they look on facebook. We are all too happy to let the church take care or the sick and poor and orphans and needy while we spend our money paying atheletes and musicians to entertain us, and we roll into the multi million dollar sports complexes in our new rides and call it recreation. then when a homeschooled missionary kid does well in the nfl we rally behind him, and feel as though we have really served God, and done something very "salty".

But don't ask those same people to spend time with God or directly serving God instead of watching football. Don't ask them to take all the money they would spend on entertainment and spend on God.

you're far from the minority in here, unless you were meaning that you are the minority because of how highly you value a man made holiday as a witness of your chrisitanity. You think christmas is so important. Let me ask you, how was your yom kippur fast this year? How did you celebrate the day of atonement? If you want to truly be set apart and sanctified then celebrate what the bible commands and not what the retailers demands. And yes, yom kippur is still supposed to be celebrated by new testament christians according to paul, and no there was never a command to to celebrate His birth.

If anything we are commanded NOT to celebrate the first advent. If anything we should be celebrating the Second advent. We are commanded to look forward to the Lion that returns, not the lamb that came.

I saw a clip one time of will ferrell praying during taledega nights. and he was praying to sweet little baby jesus and that was supposed to be a joke, but the truth is alot of people are still praying to the meek little baby, or even the thirty three year old pale hippy looking guy that died on the cross..... fortunately or maybe unfortuantely Jesus is not a 33 year old pacifist anymore, he is an old white haired bearded man of war, with a hatred for sin in His eyes. He is a lion, He is a King.

We sing songs like "Lamb of God" and " I pledge allegience to the Lamb". Well that's not very good really. We need to be talking about the Lion of God and pledging allegience to the Lion of God.

Not meaning to rant so much, but when you exhort other Christians to a higher calling of God, you need to make sure that it is a worthy calling you are exhorting them to. Not a made up Holi-day, full of myths and cliches.

myths like the wise men were present at the birth, or that there were three wise men, or that angels sing,
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