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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Pathetic, isn't it, PTM? I assume you're in a very blue city - as are we.

It wouldn't be quite as bad if they offered the wonderful children's books that we all enjoyed from years past as well. But they aren't even willing to do that.

Just another reason some of my friends home-school.
Flo, I am getting fed up. We are taxed like crazy - as I mentioned, between all the layers of taxes and fees we are somewhere between 40% and 50%. And what do I get for it? The library is filled with old books in bad condition except for the crazy left-leaning new ones. The school system is such a wreck, we pay $10K per-child per-year for private school. I can't take my kids to the park because homeless drug addicts are literally camped out in tents on the park property. They have been joined recently by an "Occupy" group. The park bathrooms double as a hook-up spots for homosexuals to use the stalls for anonymous sexual encounters. The last time I walked through the major city park with my daughter, there was a used condom on the ground next to a park bench and the garbage cans reeked of human urine because homeless people were using them as urinals.
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