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Default My Trip To The Library

My child just got a library card and we have gone a couple times now to check out books at the library. I am a bibliophile. I have a home library with over 1,000 books. In addition, we have several hundred childrens books. My point is, we are not anti-book, anti-education, etc. The first trip, they had a display set up in the pre-school/Kindergarten section with a recommended book for small children. Can you guess the title? No, not The Three Little Bears . . . No, not Brown Bear, Brown Bear . . . No, not Goodnight Moon.

A description from the School Library Journal

Grade 1–4—This gem of a book illustrates how love makes a family, even if it's not a traditional one. The narrator, a black girl, describes how her two Caucasian mothers, Marmee and Meema, adopted her, her Asian brother, and her red-headed sister. She tells about the wonderful times they have growing up in Berkeley, CA. With their large extended family and friends, they celebrate Halloween with homemade costumes, build a tree house, organize a neighborhood block party, and host a mother-daughter tea party. The narrator continually reinforces the affectionate feelings among her mothers and siblings, and the illustrations depict numerous scenes of smiling people having a grand time. Most of the neighbors are supportive, except for one woman who tells Marmee and Meema, "I don't appreciate what you two are." Eventually, the children grow up, marry heterosexual spouses, and return home to visit their aged parents with their own children. Is this an idealized vision of a how a gay couple can be accept