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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
Interesting article is stating 60 percent Hispanics don't graduate.. Hmm more like 26.9 %
1) As Flo mentioned, the statistic specifically mentions male students.
2) Unfortunately, California education statistics are a mess. They purposely don't ask about things like citizenship in order to be politically correct. Critics argue that the dropout rate is much higher than some statistics state because school districts "estimate" it rather than track actually students.

Teachers, administrators and community activists generally place the overall dropout rate in Fresno Unified at between 30% and 40%. They say the figure is considerably higher for Hispanic, black and Hmong male students -- somewhere between 50% and 65%.

Read more here:
In his new book, "Dropping Out: Why Students Drop Out of High School and What Can be Done About It," Rumberger details several moving parts in trying to come up with dropout figures that reflect reality. Struggling students frequently disappear from a middle school or high school, but did they drop out or simply transfer to another district? "That's where the record-keeping can get sloppy," Rumberger said. Under a recent California law, school districts are no longer allowed to estimate the number of dropouts. Now, school districts must actually track each student group from the ninth grade to graduation -- a more accurate but still not perfect method.In 2009-10, Fresno Unified listed its overall "dropout rate" at 20.1%, an increase of two percentage points over the past five years. But the actual dropout rate, education experts say, is considerably higher. Hundreds of middle school dropouts, for instance, were not counted in the rate. Then there were the additional 13% of seniors in Fresno Unified who failed to earn enough credits to graduate in 2010 but were still eligible to re-enroll. These seniors were not counted as dropouts even though the majority of them will never finish high school.Kathy McDonell, who taught for 11 years at Edison High before moving to Tehipite Middle School, said the school district uses a different dropout figure at faculty and in-service meetings."Behind closed doors, the district tells us that 50% of the freshmen will not make it to graduation," she said. "In my classes at Edison High, 60% of the neighborhood kids were severely behind in their credits."

Read more here:
3) "Hispanic males" includes millions of illegal aliens, many of whom were educated in Mexico. An Hispanic illegal alien with an 8th grade education who sneaks across the border from Mexico to California when he is 30 would count as an Hispanic male in California without a high school diploma.
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