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UFC Quick Quote: Wanderlei Silva saving Brazilian crackheads on TUF Brazil


"There are many things they do on the American show that I particularly donít think is nice. I believe we gotta sell the sport as it is. Martial arts are about respect, discipline, posture. And thatís what theyíll see happening here, but itís not going to be messy. Not in my side, at least. But people will have to sign a deal on which they say that if they mess up with me, itíll get ugly. I wanna show the good side of the martial arts, show the positive aspects of practicing martial arts and make it popular to people who has never watched MMA in their lives, and maybe help people who do many things wrong, like doing crack and other drugs. Sometimes it happens because the guy doesnít have anything to do, his friend starts doing it and he goes and does it. I guess we gotta bring these guys from the bad side and show them some things that are good, thatís my mission."
Put the pipe down and get your ass in the gym. That's the message from mixed martial arts megastar Wanderlei Silva (via, who travels back to his native homeland to coach an upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Brazil opposite fellow countryman and longtime rival Vitor Belfort. "The Axe Murderer," who rose to prominence in PRIDE and then again in the UFC, is ready to give back to the sport that made him financially secure by taking on a team of up-and-coming fighters from the mean streets of Brazil. Anyone think Wandy is being melodramatic?
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