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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
I took it to mean that he was supporting them. Reformed in the sense of Martin Luther & the Reformation away from Catholocism & back to biblical Christianity.
I have heard John MacArthur described as a "Reformed Baptist" before and I've always understood that to be a good thing. I listen to his sermons a lot and I think he is very Biblically sound in his doctrine.

Anyways, I'm about half an hour into this video and I'm currently putting as much stock in it as the average History Channel documentary. In other words, I'm not taking anything at face value; but I'm not going to totally write it off either.

I for one do not believe that every single Founding Father was a perfect Christian. In fact, I don't believe any of them were perfect Christians. Like anything else, I'm sure that many of them were just using Christianity to advance their own political agendas.
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