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Default Christian founders in the US?

Hi guys (and gals, DonnaMarie!, TexRN, etc )

I got tired of the debate over the idea that the founders of the USA were perfectly christian, through and through, each and every one. I saw this as a sideshow issue, distracting us from immediate issues. For example, it might take people away from talking about Jesus and evangelism, moving them to arguing with non-believers over "this is a Christian country." The Puritans weren't the only people who sailed here from Europe.

David Barton gives presentations and arguments that the Founders were all Christians in the sense of Reformed Chrstianity (not Joel Osteen/Rick Joyner, but more like John MacArthur, Mark Driscoll, and John Piper). He presents out-of-context, misleading "evidence."

If this topic has ever been of interest to you, or if you have been annoyed by someone at church pushing us into an Americanism cult, then check this out:

The film is 3 hours. So, either make poppedcorn and plan a potty break, or break it into sections. I recommend taking a break after about 45 minutes or your brain will overfill and it'll become a senseless drone.

The presentation is put together by Chris Pinto. Pinto's early work has some difficulties in it, but he's improved his research into different topics since his first two films. This is his 6th or 7th. He states his main point right after the opening title. The best parts are where he shows how people get mislead (about 1/2way through) and then shows the rest of the letters that Barton is _effectively_ misquoting. To understand what he's saying in the second half, it's good to make sure you understand his explanation of Jefferson's version of nominal Christianity.

This youtube posting may be illegal. After seeing the film, if you found it useful, consider buying it. Do a search. It's available on several sites. I'm planning on buying in a few paychecks.

I hope this is useful to helping understand our world (wise as serpents). Thanks for reading.

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