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Originally Posted by Jeff Crow View Post
Yeah, there is another one on Ebay right now and they are asking $700 or best offer for it!! I didn't pay near that for mine but the actual value of the card isn't listed because of the scarcity of it being only 5 made. I would say the value is some where between $400-$600. If someone were to sell one they would probably get around $275-350 for it since the card market isn't that great these days but you can find collectors that will still shell out the $$'s for rare cards. It's basically like any auction if you put it up. If there are a few collectors out there looking for something you could get quite a bit. I won't be selling mine though. I'm actually going to have it sent off to be graded and encapsulated in a plastic protector that can't be opened without breaking it. They will grade the card and the autograph as well. It's on a scale of 1-10. If you get anything 9 or higher it will increase the value greatly. It just scares me to send it off through the mail! I'm definately waiting till after the holidays to send it...less chance of any issues! I like the new card I picked up because it is some of the tape from the Almeida fight which I think ranks up there pretty high as far as performance and the way he ended that fight. That hook...followed by the sweet sub he pulled off.
Absolutely, man! My favorite Hughes fight used to be Aguiar @ UFC 26 because you could hear Jeremy tell Matt to do something, watch Matt obey & then see the fight end as a direct result. I like Almeida even better because you get the exact same call-and-response (forgive my band-geek lingo! ), plus the added bonus of a) "TWO GUNS!!" & b) I got to see it happen live!
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