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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
It's like a train wreck, you want to look away... but you just can't

CagePotato has a few new pictures of Seth with his 'partner' Tom Lawlor

They also have the older set of pictures that surfaced after his Kimbo KO

I guess he was jealous of the popularity of Shinya Aoki and Masakazu Imanari's school girl - gym teacher combo.

(Weird fact of the day: Japan has a bazaar/gross school girl fetish. They even have vending machines that sell underwear worn by actual school girls. They liken youth to innocence and purity.

You know how in America (or the UK) you walk around the streets or in a mall and you think to yourself, "Cmon, that girl is probably 14 years old and she dressing like she 21, pathetic." Well they have that in Japan too, but its just the opposite. They walk around thinking, "Cmon, that girl is at least 24 and she's dressing like a 16 year old, pathetic")
Who cares who he sleeps with??.. He is an athlete regardless and as long as he is able to pass medical screenings for the safety of others who cares. What people do on they're off time is none of anyones business unless its harming another. Im not justifying his preference thats his own moral demon he must battle on judgement day.......
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