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Default your Sabath/Jubilee years

In Old Testament Law, GOD developes a system of governance that stretches in seven year cycles. One specific point this applied to was Harvest. On the seventh year the land was also supposed to rest.

I dont know if this is perculiar to me, but since being a Christian on my own faith (I was bought up Christian which complicates matters) The Seventh Year has always been the most prosperous...not always easy...but most prosperous in terms of spiritual happenings and growth.

If you would like to work yours out, then remember the year of your conversion. Conversion is Year One...Count to Year Seven and it will be your first Sabath Jubilee. Count for a period of Seven sets of Seven and on the year after your Seventh Sabath Jubilee, comes your proper Jubilee year...a once in a life time event which will be exactly fifty years from your conversion.

Here are mine

1998 C
2004 SJ1
2011 SJ2
2018 SJ3
2025 SJ4
2032 SJ5
2039 SJ6
2046 SJ7
2047 J

What are yours...and do any important faith issues crop up on those particular years for you

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