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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Maybe it's nobody's business what I watch.
Do you know of any insitution thats doesnt monitor what you watch online?

Besides...they cant see what you have watched online in general...just that you have seen THEM online.

This isnt about invading privacy...its about market research...Obama is interested in finding how many hits he's getting, and from what sections of societies...that might inform him who likes him and who might help him in future campaigns

I think your a bit niaeve if you dont ASSUME that you are being watched online...I'm sure Youtube keeps records of every single video I watch...on my profile it shows me how many I have watched...I bet the administrators can find which ones aswell

I suspect usually the information lies dormant because there are just so many users, using and watching...but if they HAD to, I bet they COULD. I always assume that with companies online...doesnt suprise me one bit that Obama can find the details of every computer that hits his site...I would assume that even if he told me that he didnt know, and couldnt know...he could.

You might find that Barack is just being more honnest about what every other president might have already done...not that many others have used youtube...the guy is a genius in conecting with people...he is USING the power of the Internet as if it were a political tool...why not...Damn sure his enimes already do!

Its a valuable tool...look at me, I've generated in the past three years a whole existence online practically...I do it because it saves money until I have enough to live properly again...He does it because he wants to know what is going on in the world so that he can plan and use strategies others maynot know the details of

IMHO...he's just doing his job to the best of his ability by using a tool thats powerful...but which noone else has properly utilized.
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