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Originally Posted by Crisco View Post
truck loads of cops with sub machine guns for one guy?

Pfft Panzies.
Probably the British Transport Police...because the normal Police who are in the Special Oporations, dont usually have sub machine guns...and the MOD police only carry pea shooters...honnestly...ive seen bigger guns owned by forum members then what they use to guard our military bases with

So I am betting it was the British Transport Police because they are almost always armed and I saw them in the weeks after the 2005 london Bombings in the Rail Stations with machine guns

As for Sean Sherk...sorry...but anyone knows the first thing they ask you to do in the US is to get out of the that should have been could he NOT understand the commands...He speaks English doesnt he???? Did he think they were pissing around or something

Finally...How Embarissing Proof that actually MMA is not mainstream in England coz, I'm sorry, but how you could mistaken Sean Sherk for anyone else is beyond me

I think they thought he was a head of an organised crime synidcate. England doesnt usually suffer from gangs in the sence of being armed...we do have drug treffikers of course...but I gather they thought he could have been head of one of the true criminal gangs...there have been problems with Biker Gangs...including, for the first time in recorded history, an attack in the form of a drive by shooting of a member of the Hells Angels bike club

They probably thought he was someone high up in something like that, and thus might have a lot of friends close by...also...the British police love "dawn raids" which are always overkill....they send about twenty armed officers into a suspects home at the crack of dawn...its probably the only fun they get
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