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Read the complete article here:

Chicago Tribune

Although the article I posted says he was placed on waivers, CBS reports that he has been cut from the team.
Other articles have said that he told the undercover agents that he was currently selling 4 kilos of cocaine per week, but was looking for a new supplier because his old one could not keep up with his product demands...Sounds like this guy was a drug kingpin in the Chicago area...Instead of using his football money to get out of a life of crime, he used it to expand and become a legit drug dealer...Let's pretend he talked to a real supplier and not an undercover agent, if he sold that amount of drugs per week, he'd be making more in a month of dealing as he would the whole Bears season

Also heard rumors that he has a list of clients with a significant number of NFL players...This has not been confirmed, but it was mentioned on Jim Rome's show....If this is also true, wow just WOW!
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