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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
Hardly typical... you imply that I am immoral... now you call me a moron.. I don't remember saying I wouldn't reply to your posts.. but it has a ring to it...

sorry your "knee jerk reactionism".. doesn't include just a little thought.. I even gave you the page to read.. did you? hmmmm?

OK.. you are wrong.. just read it.. and then you get your proof.

I never said a negitive word to you,...

why do you love insulting me??? you have a thing for me or something??? Sorry.. I don't swing that way sweety.... and here I was.. thinking that you were a closed minded bigot...
SW I never once implied anything. if you perceived it that way that is all you my man. I read the bill and read it even before you posted it. I read it again to see what you were talking about and as I thought nothing. So do you have evidence or are you talking out of both sides of your mouth. You made the claim I asked for proof you told me to look up your proof. If you go to court you can;t tell the judge well I gave you the law book now I am sure it is in there you find it. Sorry it does not work that way. Cite the exact line subsection whatever you got to prove you are right. Even County Mike was wise enough to see it and one did not need to place a picture of boobs for him to see it. (sorry mike just messing with ya man). NateR has now also pointed out the same thing. And you come back is more later. Why didn't you tell NateR to go figure it out himself? The truth is you have no clue and simply wanted to start a fight. Be honest with yourself and own up man.
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