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Chris F
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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
Try reading.... it's FUNdamental... the evidence is right there... stop relying on others to provide you with information.. or in this case.. MISinformation...

As far as my moral integrity... your one to toss stones... like I said... page 132 and so on... but they my be off due to my resolution...
typical SW response you make claims than refuse to back them up. Burden of proof is on you moron. You made the claim now back it up. I tried to be civil with you. Plus what happen to you never responding to my post or threads again. Luckily County Mike was so kind enough to properly articulate the situation instead of being a pompous jerk like you sir.

Nevertheless they could have amended the bill to remove the language of bestiality from the omnibus. However they chose not to thus by default they allow sex with animals. So the story is true and it is new worthy. So SW I hope the next comment is either proof or an I was wrong.
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