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It does say:

the weekly news magazine selected the person (or sometimes group, or thing) that its editors deemed had the single greatest impact during the past year, for better or for worse.
I agree you can't compare Occupy Wallstreet on the same level as the protests we've seen taking place across the world; but, I think we should look at the bigger picture of Occupy...when was the last time you saw masses of people here in the U.S. gathering together in cities across the country in a movement to protest like this?--and, no, I'm not including the gay movement or gay marriage here. Other than the Tea Party movement, this has been the most citizen activism I've seen during my adult lifetime. I don't agree 100% with a lot of their ideas/goals, but I am glad to see citizens willing to go out and act for what they believe in. I think our apathy has played a big part in what you see in Washington today.

As to the cover...there is power in numbers as we've seen with the downfall of these dictators and their governments this past year, that's big and does have importance to us here in the U.S. I think it was a good choice for what's happened this past year.

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