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Default Cage Gladiators Eleven-Ressurection

It is through their weakness and their true human nature that I, as a fan of MMA, can identify with and learn to truly enjoy an athlete. Kam Atakura has thus become a name Iíll look out for in future events and probably support despite his tendency to fall slightly short of a positive mark on his record. Fighters are more then a collection of career wins; a string of collected scalps; and an aesthetically pleasing athletic statue. They are Human, they are real people. Real People interest me. Real People like Carl Noon, whose fight ended in his favour quicker then the time it took him to approach the cage. Real People like Paul Sass who defeated his foe and is now in line for a title shot in the Lightweight Division, and hopefully on to even bigger things.

One of the highlights of the night was being recognised and accosted by Sass alone in the backstage area. It was meaningful because Sass is a shy and reserved individual when the trappings of his fighting persona slip from his shoulders. It meant I was...

to read my full review, click the linkey-dooo

I'll post some pictures and videos from the event here please check back and see them later
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