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Default Your Pound-for Pound Rankings

1. Anderson Silva - sure he lost 4 rounds to chael before subbing him, sure it looks like he is avoiding sonnen, but until he loses he is the best there has ever been
2. Jon Jones - takes over gsp imo .. beating rampage, lyoto and shogun in a career is amazing .. doing it in a year??? wow ..
3. GSP - losing ground to edgar, but still number 3 .. out for a while, but will be back ... should add to his record of consecutive ww title defences when he rturns over diaz or condit
4. Frankie Edgar - looked out of it again in round 1, but came back and defended his title in great style and avenged his only loss ..
5. Jose Aldo - defended his title again ... looks to defend against undefeated mendes .. should be a good battle

Honorable Mention

Gilbert Melendez - If he ever gets to the UFC, we should see how he does against real LW's
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