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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
That would have been a joke.. Aside from Munoz what MMA fighters came out of the Phillipines?
I already somewhat answered this...

Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
Originally Posted by rockdawg21
i don't understand that .. were they going to be filipino mma fighters? there aren't any currently in big league mma, well no one big, i mean, there is munoz who is american .. he should change his nickname to "the american wrecking machine of filipino descent" ... and their was the one guy on Tuf, but he was cut .. or were they going to fly american's etc into the philipines?
I'm not sure how they planned to do that actually. I was kind of thinking maybe it would only air in the Philippines. There's a small faction of fighters there and people who follow the sport so I was guessing it would be all Filipino fighters with some American trainers or maybe Munoz against somebody else, I dunno.

GSP was there a not too long ago visiting Pacquiao during his training and when he stepped outside on his hotel balcony, the traffic stopped, and everybody started looking up at him. He said it was overwhelming but cool as he didn't know he would be that noticeable there (except for the white skin of course, lol).

BTW, I lol'ed on your nickname for Munoz. His parents are full-blooded Filipinos (I believe his father was in the U.S. Navy) as he was born on a U.S. military base in Japan, they later moved to Cali.
Aside from the above, there are probably a few more reasons why Dana was looking at the Philippines:
  • There are already some MMA leagues there. With stick fighting as the official national sport, there's no reason this sport won't grow there in due time.
  • You're talking about a country with 90+ million people, it's a big market (one of the top 10 countries by population).
  • It is 1 of 3 Asian countries where English is an official language.
  • Besides, half of the people on the planet reside in Asia so it could be an attempt to grow the UFC in that market. Especially in a country where the fighters would be VERY hungry!
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