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Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
so Adamt you really believe i dont have a Cristian point of view...

nice judgement there.

as for my son he grew up believing in Santa Clause and now he is 21 years old and is in the process of buying his first whats your point ?
you started with the asking about children, you can tell me what the point is.....
Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
so tell me...what did you do with your children ?

and based on your logic, nate didn't have kids, so his opinion didn't count, it seems to me you don't have much room to talk, you only have one, I have four, so I guess, ---according to your logic and reasoning--- i am the most qualified to speak on this subject, unless someone with five wants to come on here and talk

and yes, i am not familiar with your testimony so i assume you don't have a christian worldview. please correct me if i am wrong and tell me you have accepted Jesus Christ as your only means of salvation
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