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Default Aaron Riley vs. Shane Nelson

Did anyone see this fight? Does anyone have a video? or a .gif? commentary? pictures? a flip book that you yourself created? anything?

If not, I'm sure you have heard of what happened, what are your thoughts?

If you haven't heard of what happened, this is what I understand went down:

The two fighters each having two first names (this is already off to a bad start) circle and feel each other out. They trade, Nelson stumbles Riley who then attempts to pull guard, and after Nelson punches Riley in his knee, the ref stops the fight 44 seconds into the first round.

This was the first fight of the night and may have been the catalyst for Yves Lavigne apparently attempting to murder Pete Sell.

Dana White was pretty adamant about how upset he was over this. He talked about it in his latest vlog and during the post fight press conference. He states that these kids trained for 8 weeks for this fight and that Riley lost half his purse (the win bonus) even though he didn't really lose.

He was then asked to name some good refs, he said that Yves is normally a good ref, and that Mario Yamasaki is a good ref, and that Herb Dean is a great ref... he leaves out Big John McCarthy.

I don't know what transpired between Big John and Dana, but there really is no ref out there with the intimate knowledge of, experience in and passion for MMA that Big John has.

So yeah, basically:
Thoughts on the stoppage(s)
State of affairs with referees in MMA and the UFC
Video or .gif or flip book of Riley Nelson
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