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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
If anybody deserves this shot, it's 29-1-1 Renan Barao. His only loss was his first fight and the NC was from an illegal soccer kick. This guy hasn't lost a fight since April 2005. For him not to get the shot is insane.
Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
29 straight victories in MMA, where one shot can end any fight, is incredible!

I understand the business side of it though; he's the best unknown guy in all of the UFC, so it'd be a hard sell until he gets a fight on the main card against a bigger name fighter.
I'm not familiar with him but think he'd be a more interesting choice than Faber. Dana's going to play it safe, apparently; I guess that's the best business decision even if it's not the most intriguing match up for the fans.
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