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Well now that we have gotten back on the topic instead of Nate's presentation skills......

When I first read this thread I experienced a variety of emotions. I certainly don't want my children to miss out on anything. However, I couldn't help but remembering a debate that I had with Dave over Halloween. I told him I thought that Christians were doing a good job of robbing the original intent of the holiday and replacing it with their own agenda. We spend every Halloween at church. And I wondered if that is exactly what is happening to the Christian's Christmas. Is modern society stealing Christmas and it's original meaning?

We went riding around looking at Christmas lights the other night and were singing Christmas carols. As we were singing Santa Claus is Coming To Town I realized that I was telling my kids to be good and they would be rewarded by Santa, not God. Kids write letters of their wishes to Santa. They try to be good for Santa. Is this not idol worship?

I will not stop buying my family gifts for Christmas. I will not stop celebrating Christmas. I will not stop trying to show them the magic and joy of love and family. But I definitely feel like I need to reconsider just how I go about accomplishing this with my family.
in my opinion no it isn't...but thats just my opinion.
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