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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
This is sorta why I can careless that they call it a holiday tree instead. Really it has become their holiday now. Let the secularist call it whatever they will. How many churches do you thunk will even hold a service since it is on a Sunday this year? If we are to worship Jesus why would we not hold a service? Hmmmm. You want to really keep teh Christ in Christmas. Stop shopping and if you do give a gift give it to the poor or something lie that. Before I lost my job we gave to a ministry that gives gift to refuges from countries where they would be killed for following Christ. You know what I think that was the best Christmas gift I gave in a long time. Was not much but to them it was. So I Agree man it has become to secular. But I will still use it to worship the greatest gift of all the gift of eternal life through Jesus.

can a mod please sticky this thread to prove i CAN actually agree with chris on something,...... i think its a christmas miracle like the christmas truce in 1942

Originally Posted by NateR View Post
My brother once got called a bad father because he refused to allow his sons to believe in Santa Claus. That doesn't even make any sense, he's a "bad father" because he chooses to NOT lie to his kids? So those parents who intentionally deceive their children, by telling them that Santa Claus exists, for the first 5-10 years of their lives (even longer if their kids are on the slow side) are good parents? That really just serves to illustrate how twisted and upside down our morals have become in this day and age.

I would even go so far as to say that it is a sin for a parent to teach their children about Santa Claus. A parent who claims to be a Christian and does so ought to be ashamed of themselves and needs to repent of that sin and apologize to their children immediately. Any Christian parent on here who disagrees is free to post a Bible verse that would imply otherwise.
i agree, not to mention, aside from morals, it adds to the distrust that children have for their parents, it totally ruins a parents credibility, not on the conscious level, but definitely on the subconscience level, a lie is a lie,

Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
so is that how you raise your children ?

oh thats dont have any children.
this is how you present you point then you call nate the antagonist???

Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
there is nothing wrong with children believing in Santa Clause.

i'm actually surprised by the way you judge people in the name of being a Christian.
here i thought one of the duties of being a Cristian was to spread the word of God and try to help people come to God and be saved...
But you Nate, are very harsh and very critical of what other people do in almost every situation one could think of...very UN God like if you ask me.

btw this is the christian section, this is a discussion on the topic via a christian pov, I understand that you prolly are not privy to that pov

but saying a lie is a lie, is not judgmental,,,, and how about the people that told nates bro he was a bad father?????

Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
so tell me...what did you do with your children ?

i have four thank you very much and they do not and never will believe in santa claus, i may tell them the story of saint nick, but that will be the extent of it, tell us what did you do with your children, and where are they now?

and also they will not believe that they can do anything as long as they try hard enough, that's stupid too, i don't care how hard they try, none of them are going to be nfl stars, I don't care how much they want it, or dream it, it's false,,,,, that's another cliche lie that's passed along to children without caring about the implications it has on them,,,,, all that does is exponentially add to the heartache later in life
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