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And I do not now nor have I ever believed that stating what you believe to be right or wrong is judging people.

Nate has some very strong views on what he believes to be right and wrong in the eyes of God. I admire a man with strong convictions. Some of his harshness would perfectly apply directly to me. The more it stings, I know he has come closer to hitting the mark. I have never resented him for it and have never felt that he was personally attacking me (nor trying to pass judgement on me). And I certainly don't take his word as gospel but he does make me question my perception and motives sometimes. Therefore, he has more than anyone over the past few years, sent me into prayer and searching my heart and soul for answers from God. So actually I believe he is doing a fine job of drawing some closer to God.

So if his tactics don't suit you personally then, please, don't judge him too harshly.
that's all fine and good that Nate has some very strong beliefs but i also have some very strong beliefs when it comes to what God expects of us and most times mine dont match up with Nates at all...
not saying i'm right and he is wrong...just saying i dont agree with the way he see's everything and when i feel he attacks people to try and make his point i feel sometimes i need to say something.

i know you think i dislike Nate but nothing could be further from the truth....i just dislike the way he comes across sometimes.
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