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i am completely disgusted with christmas already, all it is anymore is materialism. It started right after halloween, they virtually skipped over thanksgiving just to start selling crap. \

no where in the Word does it tell us to celebrate the birth.

kinda funny tho, that we are still commanded to remember the 'day of atonement', yom kippur, i believe it is, but do christians fast on the day of atonement?...... no they don't

Christmas really is getting to be a secular holiday. I mean some christians will ream you out for standing for the truth, that is that a fat guy does not give you presents.....

but then again, how do you refuse to partake in the secularism of it without being seen as a fruity cultist, I guess you just have to focus on Christ......
This is sorta why I can careless that they call it a holiday tree instead. Really it has become their holiday now. Let the secularist call it whatever they will. How many churches do you thunk will even hold a service since it is on a Sunday this year? If we are to worship Jesus why would we not hold a service? Hmmmm. You want to really keep teh Christ in Christmas. Stop shopping and if you do give a gift give it to the poor or something lie that. Before I lost my job we gave to a ministry that gives gift to refuges from countries where they would be killed for following Christ. You know what I think that was the best Christmas gift I gave in a long time. Was not much but to them it was. So I Agree man it has become to secular. But I will still use it to worship the greatest gift of all the gift of eternal life through Jesus.
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