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Overall, I consider Christmas to be one of the non-essentials of the faith. The idea of the Virgin Birth is still an essential, but exactly when it happened and whether or not people decide to commemorate it, is really a personal matter.

As for Christian parents who encourage their kids to believe in Santa Claus, I have yet to find a Bible verse that supports intentionally deceiving your children for the first 5-10 years of their lives. So I would really have a hard time believing that it is in any way consistent with Biblical parenting.
Yeah I am the same way. we taught our kids the history behind it and that was the extent of it. Why teach the kids not to lie than perpetuate a know lie for years. Tooth fairy Easter bunny, Santa clause

My views have changed since I had kids. I used to not really care much for Christmas. My mom died around that time so really it served more as a heartbreak for me than a joyous time. Even now some 26 years later it still hurts. But now I try to enjoy the time with the kids and we try to turn it into a time to give back
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