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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I have no problem with finding ways to explain the miracles of the Bible using natural circumstances. However, not from people who clearly do not have respect for the source material. The very fact that you continually misspelled Sodom and Gomorrah indicates that you never bothered to even reread the Biblical text before concocting your little theory here.

If you would stop putting our human understanding of science and the intelligence of men above the Word of GOD, then I might be more interested in engaging in these discussions. We don't need to force the Bible to conform to our incomplete and flawed understanding of the universe. Our understanding of the universe needs to conform to the Bible.
I havent concocted anything, simply repeated what I heard....and I dont wish you to "be more interested in engaging in these discussions" I wish you rather to act in accordance and appropriately with your position on this website which is counter to alienating and/or ignoring your moderators, lest to put them down and generally do you upmost to publically humiliate them.

As for respect for source material. I'd ask you to evaluate the first contact you've had with me in months in this thread, and to consider whether if one judged you by your fruits, you would seem to be at all in line with Christian brotherhood, love for ones neighbour, or charity.

Perhaps its best if you just leave me to my threads full of meaningless trivia and only comment on more hardcore Christian posters instead. That would suit me fine. I am not looking for your specific input. Neither do I see my threads as a fail if the Great Nathan Rosario doesnt grace it with a passing comment of disdain.
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