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I have no problem with finding ways to explain the miracles of the Bible using natural circumstances. However, not from people who clearly do not have respect for the source material. The very fact that you continually misspelled Sodom and Gomorrah indicates that you never bothered to even reread the Biblical text before concocting your little theory here.

If you would stop putting our human understanding of science and the intelligence of men above the Word of GOD, then I might be more interested in engaging in these discussions. We don't need to force the Bible to conform to our incomplete and flawed understanding of the universe. Our understanding of the universe needs to conform to the Bible.
Dave's inability to spell is news?

Harsh here buddy.

Good points Dave. God doesn't always work in the unexplainable. I think people finding the scientific reasons for the plagues to try and disprove God is a stupid concept... They are just confirming the unlikeliness of the events to all occur without his intervention.

People hate God because they hate their sins... They'll do anything to escape him no matter how futile.
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