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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i don't know why arum gets so much hate ... he's a promoter .. if he's bad for boxing, than so is almost every other promoter .. really, if hagler/hearns was the only fight he ever promoted, he should be in the boxing hall of fame .. LOL
He along with Don King was responsible for the Thrilla in Manila.

Problem is, matchups that should be made for the fans aren't being made. I don't have any problem with the guy making money by keeping his fighters against each other, but at some point, you gotta go outside of your own circle and repay the fans. He's acting like he's negotiating the Pac/Mayweather fight, but he sent Pac's adviser to talk with Mayweather, who isn't a matchmaker. That'd be like sending your accountant to close a sale with your company's biggest account. It's a ploy to make Mayweather look bad, which I don't mind , but this is getting old.
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