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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
Dave there are a lot of people who hold to this very idea. In fact some researchers have gone out to disprove the bible they have actually showed how it is possible by nature itself. They can prove scientifically all 10 plagues etc etc. While I think that may be fine and dandy for them. I accept by faith it was as it was written in scripture. If God used natural causes well that is even better. Do not stop posting. Some of this stuff is very intriguing. Just be ready to defend or preface it (as you did here) as a simple what if. Not sure why NateR went off like that. You would have thought you were Buzzard there will all that malice. Maybe he is having a bad day.
There is a wild theory from most Christians that everything GOD does has to somehow be miraculous and he somehow hates to use the tools of his creation...or as if just for Christians he performed a magic trick.

One of the lessons I learned in the Spring of 2010 was to seek GOD in the Ordinary as well as the mystical. We love to celebrate him at Christmas and if his Incarnation and Ressurection are the only thing worth mentioning.

But thats not true...GOD doesnt always do things you can ONLY take on Faith. He created the Earth, he designed natural processes, and he governs the laws that you see all around you. Those are equally as impressive. Some Christians fear that by trying to say HOW GOD did it, you are somewhat likely to reduce GOD...but this is silly...even if it were proven that a Tungaska style even took place to obliterate cities...just pointing that out doesnt take away the glory of what was done...unless of course you claim that because you know how GOD did it you could do it yourself....

Do I look like im about to tell you that I can command Asteroids to blow up above cities and distroy them...or like I can control Santorini and make her erupt at my Behest?

Did I EVER claim that GOD was absent in any of these processes? The thing is that GOD is such a part of my life I shouldnt need to spell out for people like Nathan who are not convinced I believe at all, that obviously GOD did this....I dont think you all realize that every day things happen to me that I attribute to GODs will...Even my Ordained Priest...didnt see the connection when I asked him over a week ago if he realized that our signing on the mortgage for the new house would occure on the first day of Advent (following Advent Sunday) I asked him if he understood the parallel between planning for a move, a new start, and new begining, a time of preparation, and the fact we were going into Advent.

You have to keep your eyes open and realize that GOD works more in the humdrum and the ordinary then he does in the fantastical...unless you want to disbelieve in a personal GOD...go right ahead...but my GOD has no quarms in using nature or his own temporal laws to make things happen...and I dont think he minds how much I speculate on what exciting ways he might have used.

It doesnt matter...nothing matters...but to dwell on that would be to waste the opportunity of this forum. I used to post all sorts like this here...I used to run to share with my forum friends new thoughts and ideas...but people dont like that...and worse...people think I am trying to convince them of something...when I dont care if they listen or aggree...look at the first line of Nathans response...It assumes that I want people to believe what I say as fact...and how riddiculous that is when I cant spell it right....firstly...I was never one for spelling...secondly...I'm not here to win a war or start a fight...I was just putting something I had heard and thought was interesting...and within three posts I am remembering why thats not a good idea.

After all...havent you heard, I only post meaningless and useless bits of information that noone would care about...despite the fact some of those my King and Queens thread has is one of the most viewed on the entire forum. But again...the person who said that thinks I care what other think...and largely I dont. If noone looks at my blog thread, or my video links, or my interesting historical blah...its not going to keep me up at night...but someone pointing that out deliberatley to upset me...doesnt make me want to start anymore threads of that kind, lets put it that way.
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