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Default Could this explain Soddom and Gemorah

As you all know I have explained before about The Volcanic Eruption of Santorini, and how there has been a case in more recent times in areas surrounding waters close to such a large eruption, that the plagues described as occuring in Egypt seemed to re-occur...and how the filling of a massive caldera in the meditaranian might explain the momentary draining of the red sea.

So with Santorini out of the is it possible to explain Soddom and Gemorah? Two cities surrounding a large inland ocean in the middle of a fertile plain that were somehow distroyed by fire from above?

There are no other Volcano to explain this one.

Then I discovered to my delight a case where an Asteroid distroyed a part of siberia WITHOUT causing a crator. Let me explain using an atomic bomb. If you have an atomic bomb there is two ways of using it, and they depend on WHERE you detonate.

Most people think of the US dropping an atom bomb on Hiroshima, and it blowing up on impact. This is not true. The Hiroshima Bomb never touched the ground. That is largely why the city could be rebuilt and lived in now and isnt like Chernobyl...or like the worry of Japans nuclear reactors.

The key is to detonate in the air ABOVE the target. The main support for this theory is what happens to the woman who turns back to view the distruction after being told not to. We do not know exactly what turn back means, but I would hazzard a guess that it meant to pause enough to be caught in the shock wave of a huge fireball above the twin cities. This shock wave had the power in Hiroshima to vaporize people leaving little pools of black dust.

Now bear in mind, that in the case of an asteroid breaking up, its like MANY nukes going off over the city at the same time, and thus able to effect people further away.

Here is a nice explaination of what happened in Siberia. I suspect this is how GOD chose to distroy Soddom and Gemorah
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