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I aggree.

I must admit I am bias though. I have had tonnes of email correspondance and indeed met Rich Franklin...whereas although I supported Forrest Griffin during the Great Schism of 59...I have never had correspondance...never met him...and whilst I like the way Franklin thinks, and writes about stuff in deep and thought provoking blogs...I have not seen anything from Forrest Griffin that I can connect with really. Also I like Franklins Video blogs on his cooking and rehab

I cant say the same about Forrest Griffin...though I suspect he might be right up their with Mike Swick in terms of video interaction.

I Aggree with the fighting argument...but that was kinda an after thought if I was honnest. I didnt even know Forrest Griffin was from Ohio...after all...they dont even speak with a similar type of accent. Rich Franklin sounds normal...Forrest Griffin sounds really strange to me...though understandable (which is more then can be said for some LOL)
Forrest disgusts me ever since his rape comments on twitter.. He's a tool IMO.. I love Rich Franklin!!
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