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The Prime Minister has just Clarified that he has no problem with a Federal Europe so long as it ONLY effects and contains member States which are using the Euro Currency. He says that as someone who never wants to join the Euro it is important to note that those inside must make their own decision, and its not Englands place to stand against such a decision if all States ratify a solid single Union under Germany.

I Dissagree...I want to see the Euro currency fail, all powers concerning immigration and the Justice System repatriated, and a European Union Treaty drawn up which forbids the formation of a Federalized Europe beyond what we all ready have.

I believe that its in Englands interest that the Euro dissapears, but that its not in our interest to see a unified Federation on the continent that could turn against us. I mean...if anything did go wrong, and all the seventeen Euro Zone Countries joined in assent against England...that would be one hell of a Germanic force to be wrestled with...prior to war the FR would be more then half the continent....
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