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The First Question opens with WTF to do with the Fourth Reich The German Chancellor is power hungry again. To Explain the backdrop of that wit, The German Chancellor Angela Mirkel, and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, wish to completely change the European System.

At present there is whats known as The Euro Zone, which is a portion of Europe that gave up their curencies to launch the first international Currency on the planet. These Countries are also a large portion of The European Union, which is an evergrowing international body which includes member states from the geographical Europe, some are use the Currency, some do not.

This International body is based in brussels, and produces treaties. The problem is its begining to produce treaties that benefit the most financially well off, and rob the smaller states of their soverignty by imposing a new layer of international law horribly akin to The United Nations, but on a more localized level.

As Germany is the biggest financial centre in Europe following its regeneration after the second world war, it is the Germans who drive the Euro. The problem is that the Euro was badly thought out, different member states use different methods to try and make the Euro advantageous to their national interest, meanwhile, some other soverignty is buggered by that very move, combine that with a prolific decade that implied credit spending was reasonably assured, and pop in the wall street wobble, and you have a bloody nightmare.

One by one, the member states are finding it difficult to pay back what they have bought on credit, this leads to them being downgraded financially speaking and basically blacklists them from the financial transactions they need to keep their growth going. This began with Greece and Eire and Portugal, and each time the Union got together and raised money to help them. But they were relatively small states. When Spain and Italy began to flag there was a problem, because firstly the Union was asking those countries that were part of it, but NOT part of the Euro Currency to help with the country sized bail-outs, and secondly, no amount of bail outs will work with big countries.

The German Chancellor believes that if Italy can wobble, Germany can wobble also...and the only way she can insure this doesnt happen, is if she can have complete control over the financial system, and apply the same financial system over the entire Euro Zone...this doesnt just mean that foreign countries use the means their entire financial systems will be governed wholistically.

Only one other place in the entire world runs on this system, that being The United States of America. A single Federal Reserve for not just one nation, but effectively 50 nations. The result is, it leaves the State Governments powerless, and hands authority to one single institution. This works, to an extent, in the United States because it was designed from impetus, and areas of land didnt exist before collecting themselves temporarily with the hope of specifically being invited into the Union. In other words, they had no financial systems, or Soverignty to give up.

But in Europe, Countries are much older and have fought each other throughout the ages, they are not obedient to each other, and their own national interest has bought them to a way that totally eclipses the American Civil war (the very use of the term Civil there, implies ONE does NOT imply a group of Nations in Union)

Does Europe, which in the last 150 years, has seen a decade of fighting and two generations lost, due to German Imperialism, want to see a Federalized Union, which has a Two tear system, supporting the Euro on the one hand, and making the others in the Union who refuse to use the Euro, second class citizens who have to pay for the single currencies upkeep, but are not permitted a view with authority on it...and then put that all under the control of a German Chancellor?

The answer is NO. The problem with England is due to the fact it doesnt use the currency, its considered an outsider and not even allowed to attend half the meetings where those who use the currency sort stuff out...and yet England is expected to abide by whatever decisions are made in those meetings which usually mean paying a lot of money. The Public do not want it, but the Government dare not let a referendum take place because they are a coilition of two parties, one against Europe, and one largely split between wanting union and not wanting to receive a clear negative would distroy the Coilition.

So...What do we do.

Well due to the coilition, The Prime Minister cant say which powers he wants to repatriate from Europe, leading some to believe he hasnt got the guts to fight for our dwindling answer to the prodding by the Labour Opposition, Cameron does come up with the following gem though

" He talks about being isolated, let me just say where we would be if we adopted Labour policies. If we adopted your spending and defecit policies, and if we were in The Euro, what we would find is that I wouldnt be going to Brussels to fight for Britain, I'd be going to Brussels to get a bail out. Under the proposals being but forward, Labour would put Britain in such a bad position that the Tax changes wouldnt be writen by the Shadow Chancellor, they'd be written by THE GERMAN CHANCELLOR!"

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