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That fight went basically the same as the first fight; Cotto is faster and by far a more polished boxer than Margarito. This time, no loaded gloves to wear down Cotto. However, it'd also be safe to say that Margarito lost that fight the same night he lost to Pacquiao; he really didn't have any business in the ring after 2 eye surgeries, at least not at the top tier in boxing.

Anyways, it was sweet revenge for Cotto who definitely deserved to make Margarito suffer.

Mayweather would be able to cruise a victory over Cotto, but I'd still watch it because I like Cotto. And J.B. is right, Arum is taking us for a wild ride, there aren't any negotiations going on for Pac/Mayweather. Pac is too reserved to tell Arum to make the fight and Arum is talking , then going to try to point the finger at Mayweather. Mayweather has nothing more to lose by saying "negotiations, what?" than to act like something is going on then having it fall off again. Arum is such a dick.
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