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Chris F
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Thanks, I'm not at all discouraged. I guess what I meant, was more of I can feel and see muscle growth. The last 15lbs is not at all important to me as long as I can see myself getting stronger and gaining muscle.

I set my target based on my weight in my 20's. I was fit and weighted 195lbs. Now I can see myself getting close to that same fitness, but I'll probably weigh 200 to 205. I'm at 210 now.

I'm 6'2" tall (short stuff next to llama and ben)

Cage Fitness is good for weight loss, but its a good full body workout as well. Im looking forward to this home workout program.

I know how you feel. I am now 5' 11'' and 255lbs. My best shape was when I was a pro wrestler at 215, My lightest has been 185 but my wife said I looked sick. So I would like to get to 200. I got a grappling bag so I might just do the workout on it like you. good luck man
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