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that amount of weight loss is AWESOME! Don't get too discouraged. With weight loss it's easy to look at the here and now and forget the the big picture of what you have accomplished. One sneaky thing is that as you have lost 45 lbs, you now need about 500 calories per day less than you did before to maintain your weight. You are no longer feeding all those fat cells. So, you have to adjust your calories down as you lose the weight to keep losing. Not that that is any way easy.
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great man. Matt says scales lie and to watch the mirror not the scale. If you look and feel good than you are doing great.
Thanks, I'm not at all discouraged. I guess what I meant, was more of I can feel and see muscle growth. The last 15lbs is not at all important to me as long as I can see myself getting stronger and gaining muscle.

I set my target based on my weight in my 20's. I was fit and weighted 195lbs. Now I can see myself getting close to that same fitness, but I'll probably weigh 200 to 205. I'm at 210 now.

I'm 6'2" tall (short stuff next to llama and ben)

Cage Fitness is good for weight loss, but its a good full body workout as well. Im looking forward to this home workout program.
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