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Some of the Albanian must be noted that the video begins with King William of 1914. He's a Royal in his own right, a Mixture of Prussian, Belguim, and Romanian thrones. He was appointed over Albania, but didnt last the year as the Albanians became a Republic, although his House continued to exist within Albania til the late 1970s, they never rulled, infact this is the story of Albania...there are many houses which have rulled...the earliest being 1190...however what usually happens is that one of the line falls from grace, and whilst the house continues to spawn, a new house arrises after an interegnum...and so there could be many legitamate Kings of Albania as the fallen Houses continue to spawn WHILST the new house reigns.

The House prior to William began in 1444, but ended in 1479....Similarly whilst his House ceased to reign from 1914 (the same year it was established) by the late 1920s, despite still being alive, and never abdicating...King Zog...of an entirely different house was on the throne.

to make matters really difficult...Zog was still reigning when the Italians invaded during the second world war.

in 1944 effectively THREE entirely different Royal House Holds were present in Albania. William from 1914, Zog from 1920s...and then the Italian King Victor. 1945 the Italians withdrew and the Throne collapsed...William died in the same year and somehow his Son wasnt accepted...and Zog who continued to reign...did not Rule....its most Zogs Children live today in a kinda appears that regardless of how many houses are running, only the latest can be the actual monarch...and of course the Italian Throne crumbled by public opinion after the second world the Zogs are stuck in Limbo...alive...but unable to sit on a throne now vacent as they were Eclipsed, and their eclipsers never replaced but no longer in existance
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