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Wales wants more money "advanced capital allowances" The Government were positive on this

Portland Search and Rescue helicopter is being axed. Minister wants a meeting with the Prime Minister on this point. Whilst aggreeing to a meeting the Government were negative on this point.

The PM and Opposition verbal spar about the Strikes due to the Pension reform

Womens rights in Afghanistan comes on the agenda now that schools in Afghanistan are working again.

The ministers are questioning why the Government are making changes to tax credits. The answer lies in the governments insistance that people be put to work, not further helpped in thier poverty.

Boarder control has been hit by the strikes...and the Government have had to cover the gaps.

There was an attack on the British Embassy in Iran. You should know that when such an attack happened against the United States Embassy, the United States shut down diplomatic relationship with Iran altogether....I dont believe they have spoken in about thirty years now

One Minister asks can the Government please reaffirm that it plans to safegaurd the future of all British Territories The Government said. Yes.
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