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Chris F
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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Dang, Chris, that's too bad.

TS - besides Dana's sig, you need to get Arianney's as well.
Thanks Flo It was hard but God has been dealing with me on my "things" I need to to get rid of a lot and if I can help care for my family in the progress then I thank God I have the "stuff" to do it. Craigslist has been a blessing these last couple of weeks. I got a lot of MMA, Boxing, and pro wrestling stuff so if people keep buying it, we will keep up on most bills . The autograph I really want and will (I pray) someday get is Matt's and I would cherish that as much as TS does his shirt. I got Rich's and Roy Nelson's that I do not plan to part with. I just hope Matt does some more appearances if he plans to retire so I can get the missing piece.
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