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Originally Posted by Chuck
I really used to like Rashad.... and dislike Page... but the more I watch them the more I see that getting reversed...

After the last fight where Evans started acting like a ghetto punk I started to dislike him....

Now I can't stand him!!


I am a huge fan of Rampage and believe he is still the best at LHW.

I have repeatdly defended Rashad on here and have had to respect his performances but i gotta agree with you as well that he looked a prize idiot then.

I hate when the UFC do this. Sure its good and gets people excited but you have two fighters pitched in together and none can be seen to back down, SO its Rogans or someone elses role, to tell them when to quit it, like Dana does at the weigh in's. Otherwise it goes to long and gets awkward.

Whats more, it was Rampages fight, Rashad should keep it short and sweet. Rampage kept it clean, Rashad started getting rude and all in his face and it become silly.

Rampage then had the class to try and defuse it by making the joke at end.

I think this is a reminder that Matt Hughes composed himself the best whilst in Octagon and havin someone call you out
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