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Chris F
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So as a Knick fan, what do you think of the current team?

Personally, I will always be an Amar'e Stoudimire fan, so I am kinda pulling for the Knicks right now (even though I'm already a Bulls and a Suns guy lol). You guys also have D'antoni, who basically groomed Amar'e and the Suns 8 second offense, not to mention picking up Carmelo Anthony. It's too bad the Chris Paul thing didn't happen, because that would have set up an awesome storyline in the East for seasons to come.
TBH I have not watched much. Now that I am in Oklahoma I tend to follow the Thunder more. However my wife makes it a point when we can afford it to get me Thunder vs Knicks tickets for my birthday because they always play around that time. The new team is a lot stronger than they have been for the last 5 years. So we will see this year.
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