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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
Yeah that era was filled of what if's and not there yet. Even when they had it in their court they tanked to the rockets. I was a Knick fan mostly because when I played in college they nick named me John Starks. I played with a lot of emotion and lived and dies by my 3 point shot. I even head butted a guy in a game just like he did to Reggie Miller. It was so bad they even made me wear #3 So yes I hate Jordan and Jackson with a passion. And like you I am 100% biased.
So as a Knick fan, what do you think of the current team?

Personally, I will always be an Amar'e Stoudimire fan, so I am kinda pulling for the Knicks right now (even though I'm already a Bulls and a Suns guy lol). You guys also have D'antoni, who basically groomed Amar'e and the Suns 8 second offense, not to mention picking up Carmelo Anthony. It's too bad the Chris Paul thing didn't happen, because that would have set up an awesome storyline in the East for seasons to come.
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