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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
JB it is real hard to care when they are crying that hudreds of thousands and some millions of dollars are not enough to put a ball in a hoop. When entertainers of all persuasion get paid more than teachers and such you know America has a screwed up value system. I love the NBA but this lock out was stupid.
Hey, I hated this lockout too, but it's not fair to compare industries when it comes to professional athletes and teachers. Teachers get paid according to how it plays out in the grand scheme of the budget in a local area based on taxes.. The NBA generates billions of dollars all over the world independently. It's real easy to criticize throwing a ball in a hoop, but if you or I could do it better we would be, and we would be getting paid good to do it because it's a product that people WANT to spend money on.

Sure, there a lot of teachers that contribute more to the world than basketball can, but there are also a lot of teachers who ain't worth crap but they get paid just the same or even more sometimes than those who are better. Just like the NBA. The biggest problem with players contracts recently has been B-level guys getting WAY overpaid in terms of contribution to the team.

We all hate the idea of "billionaires arguing millionaires", especially when most of us barely have a pot to piss in, but the fact is that this is capitalism. I prefer this over living in North Korea
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