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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
I've been avoiding this thread all season because I've always been 1 or 2 episodes behind but I finally got caught up!

So... my SOA thoughts shotgunned out there in no particular order...

The new Fed going for the RICO conviction is a great actor because I absolute despise him. Not in the same way I did Stahl but he's just frickin annoying. - The guy is amazing. Reminds me of William Dafoe in Boondock

Can't believe Bobby/Elvis is in custody.Interesting to see how/if they get him and Juice out. I'm not sure they do.They are side characters in the main plot.

Clay ain't dead.....yet...... definitely a vest.. he knew it was coming. BUT... I'm pretty sure either He or Opie has got to leave the club. You can't have order with a member shooting the Prez. I'd like to see Clay voted out but doubt it happens. You are right, he ain't dead, YET....I think Jax does the deed in the end.

The Jax/Tara storyline of them leaving is starting to bore me. We all love a good love story, right?

I'm tired of how much power they appropriate to Gemma... I have a hard time believing there is a conniving bitch behind every outlaw MC but who knows? I just have a hard time seeing a woman pulling the strings behind the: Hells Angels, Outlaws, Banditos, Pagans etc. Gemma is the Queen-Bitch....and behind almost every man is a piece of ass pulling the strings. ESPECIALLY, in clubs like you mentioned. They may just be "old ladies" according to the bylaws of the club, but what world do we live in? True outlaws dont care about anything that is written on paper. They write the code. Besides, she ain't just Clay's old lady, she is Jax's mom. A much different dynamic, and honestly she is probably the most powerful person in the entire show (go figure, she is also the wife of the creator LOL,, maybe Warhol was right).

I think in the finale while the Fed's are chasing the club that either the Irish or Cartel are going to intervene somehow and save them. We will see though... just a hunch.Thats why we keep watching! lol
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